IUI (Intra Utreine Insemination)

Get treatment from best IVF Center In Lonavala Artificial insemination is a technique where fertility is facilitated by inserting several sperms directly into the female genital tract. Depending on the quality and the sperm count, insemination can be performed by two methods:

A) Artificial Insemination For Husband (AIH): The male collects the semen by masturbation and then this is artificially placed in the vagina, on the mouth of the womb (cervix), with the aid of a syringe.

B) Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): The semen is collected by masturbation, which is processed in the laboratory. The seminal plasma is discarded and the best quality sperms are harvested and kept in special culture media. The ratio of the half to one ml of sperms is then artificially deposited into the uterine cavity with the aid of a thin catheter IUI.


Men who are unable to ejaculate in the vagina. Causes for ejaculation failure include

1. Diabetes
2. Multiple sclerosis
3. Spinal cord injury
4. Retrograde ejaculation
5. Men with mildly low sperm count, poor quality sperm or antiserum antibodies. Men who wish to freeze their sperm for possible future use before vasectomy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer.


1. Women with mild endometriosis
2. Women with cervical mucus hostility or poor cervical mucus.


1. Couples with unexplained infertility
2. Indications For IUI Using Donors Sperm Males with azoospermia and who cannot afford advanced treatments such as ICSI. Males with genetic disorders, which can be prevented from being transmitted to the child by using donor sperms. At Test Tube Baby Center In Lonavala we treat patients with extremely low sperm counts. In such cases, we advocate 3 to 6 IUI cycle attempts with simultaneous treatment for increasing counts by a male specialist.

What is IUI Treatment?

Intrauterine Insemination which is commonly known as IUI is a kind of fertility treatment that includes placing the sperm right inside the uterus in order to induce fertilization. The main goal of this technique is to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally by enhancing the number of sperms directly into the uterus usually offered together with ovulation-inducing drugs, which increase the chances of pregnancy, and Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound (TVS), which helps in predicting ovulation.

We at Well Spring IVF &; Women’s Hospital provide the effective IUI treatment in India with the advantages to kick off the fertilization by injecting sperms into the uterus, but still the sperms must need to reach and fertilize the egg on its own. The IUI procedure required minimum invasion and minimum expense when compared to the other fertility treatments like IVF.

What is the IUI Procedure?

Before initiating the intrauterine insemination, the ovulation-stimulating medications can be used. This will increase number of eggs that will produce by your fallopian tubes. Then we will carefully monitor and determine the maturity of the eggs. The IUI procedure will then perform around the time of ovulation, in general around 24 to 36 hours after the rise of the LH hormone in your body. This indicates the ovulation will occur soon.

To separate semen from semen, the semen will be washed by the lab. Then catheter will be used to place sperms directly into the uterus. This procedure is most likely to be preserved in the womb, which is the maximum number of seminal cells, thus the likelihood of conception is much more. IUI The process only takes a few minutes and has the least inconvenience. The next step is to look at pregnancy signs and symptoms.

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