Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation In Pune

What is Embryo Donation?

This procedure is similar to Egg Donation. However, instead of borrowing the egg and using the recipient’s husband’s sperm for feritlization, both the egg and the sperms are derived from donors.

Who can opt for embryo donation?

All the patients who are eligible for egg donation are also eligible for Embryo Donation In Pune which is providing the excellent services. In egg donation, there are the problems of getting patients to donate their eggs. Furthermore, it is a relatively costly procedure, as compared to embryo donation, Embryo Donation In Pune also yields the highest pregnancy rate as high as 35-40%. Hence if the couple has no objection in using donor sperm, it is a preferred method of choice!

What is the pregnancy rate with embryo donation?

The pregnancy rate in Yash Test Tube  Baby Center is 35 – 40% per cycle. The reason for the high pregnancy rate is two fold. Firstly, these are often excellent quality embryos. Also, since we prepare the Endometrium using hormones, the uterine receptivity to these embryos is usually very good.

How is Embryo Donation performed?

This is similar to egg donation. In patients whose menstruation (having their periods) the hormonal control of the cycle is taken over by starting GnRH Analogue Injection such as Suprefact, Lupride or Nassaral spray starting from 21st day of the previous cycle. Once the patient gets her period, Estadiol Valerate tablets (Progynove 2 mg) is started from the 2nd day of the previous cycle. On the 10th day an ultrasound is done to assess the receptivity of the Endometrium by measuring its thickness.

An Endometrial thickness of more than 9mm is good for pregnancy. Once this is achieved, one can wait to obtain good quality embryos, to place back into the womb. In the case of a menopausal woman, who have stopped having periods, cyclical hormones are given for 3-6 months till the time the patient starts having her periods. After that the procedure is the same, starting with Prognova tablets from the second day of the period. In these women, there is no need to give GnRh analouges such a sSuprefact, as the hormonal control has been naturally shut of.

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